Three Best Games For Xbox 360 Kinect

Kinect is the latest attempt of Microsoft to compete with Nintendo Wii. This game console has the capability of tracking the gestures of the gamers using a camera. Aside from this, Kinect also has voice recognition software that will allow you to navigate the game using your voice. With these features, Kinect will surely have tons of great games for everyone.

Here are the three of the best games for Xbox Kinect:

Kinect Sports is a collection of all the popular sports. Whether you are a fan of volleyball, boxing, soccer, table tennis, and track and field, Kinect Sports has everything for you. Turn your living room in to a sports coliseum and battle against some of the best players in the world. With the help of the motion sensors of Kinect, playing sports has never been this fun and interactive.

Dance Central allows you to turn a simple living room in to one of the best dance floors. With the help of the Break It Down system, you will be able to learn how to dance even without knowing the basics. With over 600 different moves, you can surely be one of the best dancers in no time. This game also features some of the best classical and latest dance craze that will surely keep you grooving all day long. Whether you are just starting to learn how to dance or are a professional dancer, you will find this game very interesting.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved keeps you burning calories while enjoying a game. With features like the 30-day marathon that will keep track of your performance for 30 days, and a personal trainer that will provide feedback as you continue with your personal program. This game will literally bring the whole gym inside your living room. You can also compete with other players to see who can lose more weight in a particular timeframe.

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